> 140 is a blog written by me…Mike Glynn. Amongst other things, I’m a GIS/software/database nerd working in the GIS/navigation industry since 1995.

I work for HERE (a Nokia business) helping our customers make sense of our map data and services. Opinions expressed here are my own.

My aim is to write about mini development projects that I’ll undertake from time to time….time permitting. These projects will focus on software development for mobile/web with an emphasis on geographic information. I’ve developed a bit of an Arduino habit too.

Let’s face it keeps me off the streets and allows me to explore topics which I don’t get to look at in my day job…

The name (greater than 140) reflects the twitter character limit. I’ll be tweeting at @lessthan141. As you can tell I was struggling for domain names…;)

Aside from all the above nonsense I’m kept real busy with a young family and interests in cycling, music and thee like.

Hope you find the shenanigans described herein interesting/useful.

Mike Glynn

Manchester, UK